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Wholesale Wax Melts

Serenis don’t just produce wholesale candles, we also produce wholesale wax melts in bulk.

We currently provide wax melts on bulk to a variety of business types in the UK including that of beauty salons, craft shops, ecommerce websites and so much more.

To bulk buy wax melts fill out the contact form below, email or calling 07940 578 005.

Our wholesale handmade wax melts are produced using only natural ingredients in soy wax and are blended together using pure essential oils to create a beautiful scent for your customers. – meaning our collection of scented wax melts in wholesale are 100% natural and vegan friendly.

If you have any questions on how to buy wax melts in bulk – then speak to the team and any query will be answered.


Wax melts have an estimated burn time of 30 hours.

Blended using soy wax and pure essential oils.

Call 07940 578 005 or email

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What Wax Melts Are Available To Bulk Buy?

Our collection of soy wax melts that can be purchased in bulk are as follows:

Similar to our collection of wholesale candles, we can also produce bespoke wax melts, so you can have your own signature wax melt.


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