Scented Candles

Newshome Candles has a total of 35 combinations of luxury scented candles to select from that will bring a lovely scent to your chosen destination.

Each natural scented candle has been carefully crafted using only natural material in soy wax and pure essential oils. All the vegan scented candles are available to purchase in either a cotton wick or wood wick in large format.

You can search for the type of scented candle by choosing from the list below: CitrusFestive, Food, Fruit, Fresh, Floral, Spice, Sweet and Wood. The range of luxury scented candles are inclusive of free delivery on any number of candle purchased.

If the scented candles you are searching for isn’t available simply call 07940 578005 or email and we can discuss your exact requirements or alternatively you can create your own candle.