Pregnancy Candles

Taking the edge of any physical strain is important but pregnancy takes this to the next level – aid relaxation with aromatic scented pregnancy candles.

The full collection of relaxing pregnancy candles by Newshome Candles can be found in the product listings below.

Newshome Candles has a wide selection of scented candles that are carefully hand-poured in our West Yorkshire studio using soy wax and pure essential oil to make sure that you take a moment to relax and unwind.

The collection of relaxing candles come with free delivery, if you have any questions message through the live chat or simply call 07940 578 005 and Newshome Candles will help.

Don’t forget:

  • 45 Hour Burn Time
  • Natural ingredients used
  • Perfect for relaxation and stress relief
  • Free delivery on all candles priced £20

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