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Private Label Wax Melts

Serenis work with leading brands instore or online for companies that stock wax melts – but under there own brand identity.

If you want to sell our wax melts, and would like to see your own brand shown as a private label wax melt, then get in touch via or call 07940578005.

Our wax melts are produced using soy wax and are blended with pure essential oils, meaning we can produce a wide variety of private label wax melts for your business.

Our wax melts have a burn time of approximately 30 hours. 

Lavender Candle

Wax melts have an estimated burn time of 30 hours.

Blended using soy wax and pure essential oils.

Call 07940 578 005 or email

Brands We Work With

What Wax Melts Are Available With Private Labels?

We have the tools and resources to create any scented wax melt that you would like producing. Our everyday products that we produce can be found in the list below – however we are able to produce much, much more.

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