Geranium Natural Wax Melts and Vegan Wax Melts


Floral scents can sometimes be more realistic within candles than flowers themselves, given their longevity and the tendency for flowers to die off.

This could not be truer of Newshome’s Geranium Natural Wax Melts and Vegan Wax Melts, which evokes the unmistakable fragrance of the Geranium while being 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Like all Newshome products, this candle is vegan and natural, making it kind to animals and the environment. Our packaging is also plastic-free, and our containers can be reused or recycled, meaning nothing goes to waste.


The geranium wax melt is vegan and natural as it has been produced using soy wax and geranium pure essential oils.


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