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Fragrance Burn Times

Newshome Candles pride ourselves in producing the best possible candle, and to do so we use soy wax to enhance the length of time one of our eco friendly, natural and vegan candles last for.

The table below shows the candle size, the cost of the product, and the length of time it will burn for so you can get the best value for money candle.

Candle SizeProduct CostBurn Time
Large Wood Wick Candle£2045 hours
Large Cotton Wick Candle£2045 hours

The candle burn time was last tested on April 14 2020 and will be regularly tested to provide accurate readings.

Candle Burn Time Dates

The below table is a recording of the length of time each size candle burnt for and the timestamp as to when it was tested.

TimestampCandle SizeCandle Burn Time
December 5 2018 – 18:53Small Candle18h 53m
December 12 2018 – 36:53Medium Candle36h 12m
December 12 2018 – 36:40Cube Candle36h 24m
December 14 2018 – 21:20Small Candle21h 21m
December 14 2018 – 21:20Large Candle45h 49m
December 28 2018 – 21:20Small Candle18h 30m
December 28 2018 – 21:20Medium Candle36h 04m