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Below is a list of common frequently asked questions that Serenis receive on a regular basis via email, events or other methods. .

Are Candles Dangerous?

It goes without saying that candles are dangerous. According to government data, – there’s roughly 1,000 incidents each year caused directly by scented candles.

We’ve produced a blog post that looks at the last 10 years and how many injuries and deaths there have been from candles.

In addition to this, read our candle safety tips that we would advise you to read before using any candle.

Are Soy Wax Candles Bad For You?

No – Soy wax are actually made from soybeans. This means that they are a natural alternative to other types of wax, such as parrafin.

With soy wax, it helps to get a clean burn and when they burn, they will do so nice and evenly so you get the full experience of each candle.

Animals aren’t used or tested when soy wax or our candles are produced.

Are there any safe scented candles?

The full collection of scented candles by Serenis are all safe if you follow our safety guidelines that can be read here.

We would highly recommend that you read our safety guidelines before you light any candle (whether this is a Serenis Candle or not).

Can you burn a candle overnight?

No – as stated in our candle safety guidelines Serenis highly recommended that you do not burn a candle overnight.

We also highly recommend that you don’t leave a candle unattended at any point – just blow it out.

The number of injuries / deaths in the UK by candle fires can be found here.

Can you use essential oils in candles?

Essential oils are natural and vegan friendly – Serenis only use essential oils in the entire collection of candles and wax melts.

We do not use fragrance oils when producing our collection of candles or wax melts.

Do candles cause fires?

If candles are left unattended, or placed in a poor position, then fires may start.

According to government data that we published in 2019, over the last 10 years, each year there are approximately 8,400 fires caused by candles.

This number is far too high and we would recommend you read our safety advice on where and when to burn candles.

Do vegans burn candles?

Our range of candles are vegan, because the materials are plant-based. The wax that we use is soy wax and we use pure essential oils for our scents meaning that vegans can burn candles

Our collection of candles and wax melts are vegan-friendly – the reason for this is because we only use plant-based / natural ingredients in soy wax and pure essential oils.

How do you burn a Woodwick Candle?

A wood wick candle is burnt in the same manner as a cotton wick candle.

What happens if you burn a candle too long?

Serenis recommend that you burn a candle for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four hours.

If you burn a candle for longer than four hours, the wick may mushroom and you don’t get the full effects of the candle.

How long should I burn a candle?

It is recommended that the first time you burn a candle, you do so for a minimum timeframe of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.

Will a candle eventually burn out?

Sadly, yes a candle can burn out once the wax has run out. Serenis offer an incentive that once you have finished with your candle glass – you can return it to receive 10% off your next order.

Once the wax has finished or the wiock won’t burn, Serenis would recommend that a new soy candle is purchased.