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Cedarwood Wax Melts


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  • Estimated 20 Hour Burn Time Per Melt
  • Four Melts Per Luxury Bag
  • Produced using soy wax and blended with Cedarwood essential oil
  • Available to bulk buy / wholesale
  • Cedarwood Candle is also available to buy

Steam distilled from the wood of the cedar tree, the pure essential oil used to create our hand-poured cedarwood wax melts offers a beautifully calming fragrance that’s woody and balsamic.

Each of our cedarwood wax tarts delivers a balancing ambience that is welcomed by those who want to de-stress and relax.

This warm and soothing scent is especially welcomed by those who struggle with insomnia — melt one of these cedarwood wax tarts in the bedroom (then blow the candle out) for a sleep that begins when your head hits the pillow.

Out of stock

Estimated 20 Hour Burn Time

Vegan Friendly

Free Delivery On All Wax Melts

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