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Candle Safety Tips

As a responsible candle provider, our sole priority is to do everything in our power to ensure that customers use our products safely.

We have, therefore, compiled the candle safety tips below which we stress should always be followed when using one of our candles.

  • When burning a candle, do so for a minimum time frame of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.
  • Make sure that the candle wick stays in a central location for an even burn.
  • The candle wick must stay at a length of 5mm — this will help avoid long or crooked wicks, and tall flames.
  • Before you light your candle, remove any wick trimmings or matches that may be left in the soy wax.
  • Don’t leave a candle unattended
  • always place a candle on a flat or even surface
  • place candles away from the reach of animals, children and flammable objects.
  • Once a candle has been lit do not move it.

Further information and data-driven content around candle safety can be found in our blog post.