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Candles in the house are becoming a more and more popular method to bring calm to our homes, resulting in a significant rise in candle-related events.

Here at Serenis, our sole priority is to do everything in our power to ensure that customers use our products safely.

We have, therefore, compiled the candle safety tips below which we stress should always be followed when using one of our candles.

What to Do and What Not to Do

Place scented candles on a heat-resistant surface at all times. Night lights and tea lights, in particular, may melt plastic if they become too hot. Televisions are not fire-resistant items.

Place them in a suitable holder. To avoid falling over, our luxury candles must be kept firmly upright by the holder. The holder must also be sturdy so that it does not tumble over.

Place them away from the curtains. Place our soy candles away from drapes, other materials, and furniture. Also, keep them away from draughts.

Do not store them under shelves. It’s easy to forget that a burning candle generates a lot of heat. It may burn a shelf or other surface if it is placed underneath it. Make sure a candle is at least three feet (one metre) away from any surface above it.

Keep your clothing and hair out of the way. Put a candle someplace else if you think you’ll be able to lean over it and forget it’s there. You don’t want your clothing or hair to catch fire.

Children and pets should be kept at bay. Children and pets should be kept away from our vegan candles.

Further information and data-driven content around candle safety can be found in our blog post.