Typically found in our autumn or winter candle collection, the cinnamon candle and cinnamon wax melt bring a joy to homes up and down the country each year.

The warm and spicy scent that the cinnamon candle brings to an environment, also brings many benefits too, such as relaxation and feeling less stressed.

Knowing this, it also ease those headaches and perhaps enhance your visual focus too. Speaking of focussing, that is another benefit of the cinnamon candle too.

So, if you are looking for a candle to work or study alongside, then the cinnamon candle / wax melt would be a superb attention. or perhaps, you are looking for a scented candle that will help you unwind and make you relax – then look no further than the cinnamon candle.

In bulletpoint form, what are the main benefits of a cinnamon candle?

  • Helps with relaxation
  • Makes you de-stress
  • Helps to focus you on a task in hand
  • Ease a headache
  • Enhance your visual focus
  • Increase mental alertness
  • Relieve mental fatigue
  • Helpful for those with an upset stomach

Our collection of cinnamon candles and wax melts can also be found mixed in with either orange or perhaps nutmeg. Which bring a slightly different take.

What does Cinnamon blend with?

Occasionally you will find that Cinnamon can also be blended together with clove, ginger, black pepper, bergamot, geranium or perhaps frankincense.

Our Cinnamon Candle & Wax Melt Collection