While many will be looking to shed a few pounds after the Christmas and New Year excess, others will be going a step further by looking at changing up part of or their whole lifestyle with popular choices like veganism becoming fashionable and far reaching – hence the devotion of an entire month to it!

There is so much to choose from where this ethical yet trendy lifestyle is concerned but for many, starting this journey can involve being selective about what to choose. There are so many items outside food and drink that now apply, it can be almost baffling where to start. While food and drink is the first point for many, household items are a quick follow on to this, with many seeking to extend these ethics into a far wider choice of products and services than ever before – ensuring their minds, as well as their bodies, feel more satisfied and at peace.

With both satisfaction and peace of mind – in mind (!), here are just a few vegan candle choices to help show that even light and scent can be used more ethically, while really bringing in the New Year and aiding mental relaxation or motivation – whatever is required!

  1. Peppermint
  2. Grapefruit
  3. Lemongrass
  4. Lemon and Lime
  5. May Chang
  6. Rosemary

While January is a hard month for so many reasons – with weather and lower mood being the main focuses – why not combine the need to combat this with a great promotional month in which to incorporate vegan lifestyle aspects and really start the year off fresh!