Getting all cosey on Valentine’s Day is part of the cause, but it is also important to make sure you are safe around candles too.

According to government data, there was a total of 350 fires caused by candles in which 40% of them resulted in a fatal or serious injury.

Andy Martin, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Area Community Safety Manager, said: “Candles are a typical sight in many homes on Valentine’s Day, creating a warming romantic glow to enhance the romance of the occasion.

“But it’s important to remember that a candle is not just a decorative feature. Left unattended, an open flame scenting your home could leave a trail of devastation.

“Place your lit candles with extra care, away from curtains, pets, and children and always remember to put them out when you leave the room, even for a moment.

“Even with these precautions it’s vital to be prepared should the worst happen. A working smoke alarm can give you the vital time you need to get out, stay out and call 999.

“Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by testing your alarm regularly and by practicing your escape routes.”

Chris Taylor, The founder of Newshome Candles has suggested the following basic steps in keeping you and your home safe this Valentine’s Day:

  • Don’t leave a scented candle un-attended
  • Always place a candle on a flat or even surface
  • Distance candles away a safe distance from each other
  • Place candles away from the reach of animals, childrend and flammable objects such as curtains, furniture, bedding and books
  • Once a candle has been lit don not move it
  • All candles must be placed in a well-ventaliated room
  • Always put scented candles in a heat resistant holder
  • Fit a smoke alarm and test it regularly so you have time to get out and call 999
  • Make sure everyone knows what to do if a fire should occur and practice your escape route.