For a period of two weeks at the end of January 2020, Newshome Candles was featured on natural shopping channel, Primal Living TV.

Featured on two 30 minute shows with presenters Nick Davies and Poppy Hadkinson – Newshome Candles showcased four of it’s candle collection.

Those scented candles consisted of the Cinnamon and Orange, Lavender, Lemongrass and the Rose candles.

The shows that were aired by Primal Living TV were named “Eco Friendly Candles

Founder of Newshome Candles commented:

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to present it’s four candles on a national stage, with such a wonderful group of individuals.

Primal Living TV, can be found online, YouTube or channel 970 on Sky TV.

Newshome Candles Featured on Primal Living 1
Newshome Candles Founder, Chris Taylor with presenter Poppy Hadkinson

Dates and times for the show were are as follows:

  • 28/01 – 04:15
  • 29/01 – 6:15
  • 30/01 – 12:15pm
  • 31/01 – 18:15
  • 01/02 – 06:15
  • 02/02 – 12:15 pm
  • 03/02 – 18:15