While the place of candles at Christmas is unquestionable, some might wonder if they still have a place within New Year celebrations – and the answer is, more than ever of course!  

With a wider of variety of scented candles than ever, finding ones that depart from the more cosy, festive scents and instead provide a fresher, more rejuvenating feel is a key feeling that people are looking for at New Year events and indeed as they move into the weeks after this. Ensure this happens at your New Year event – whether it’s a huge party or a quiet night in – with one of the following scented options:

  1. Bergamot Candle
  2. Blood Orange Candle
  3. Geranium Candle
  4. Grapefruit Candle
  5. Lavender Candle
  6. Lemon and Lime Candle
  7. Lemon Candle
  8. Lemongrass Candle
  9. Lime Candle
  10. May Chang Candle
  11. Orange Candle
  12. Peppermint Candle