While it seems a while off, Christmas is just under 4 weeks away, so for many, planning that perfect day is already well underway. 

Ensuring that candles play a role is a key way to reinforce that all important cosiness that ties in not only with the festive season, but the nights getting darker and colder – candles are just one more way help put up a barrier to all of this, as well as helping to bring in the season in just the right way! 

Using different scents throughout the day is a great idea to ensure lovely memories of the company, food and fun last even longer, so have fun with the options below and select ones that suit the meal or particular activity that is taking place – whether playing a game, eating or just chilling out – and make Christmas candles a key feature of the entire day.  With this in mind, here are a selection of scented candles that are not only festive, but versatile enough to work beyond Christmas and into January and February, when the real cold snap typically sets in.