Christmas comes and goes in a flash it seems – especially as age creeps upon us! The typical flow of slimming and ‘fresh start’ style promotional material that seems to filter into our homes from Boxing Day onwards (alongside the adverts for furniture sales!) is as overbearing as the message to overindulge in the run-up to the festive season!

For those looking to adopt or already adopting a vegan lifestyle – for a range of animal welfare, health and environmental-based reasons – the recently launched ‘Veganuary’ is the perfect time to hone this and better guarantees that vegan lifestyle choices will continue throughout the year.  

Even where this is not the intention, the health benefits of going vegan for just one month has a really positive impact on the body and provides a great base point for a healthier activity for the remainder of 2020.

Veganism is of course, not limited to food and drink and even for those only sampling it for a month, adopting the entire lifestyle can have real benefits and help introduce a way of thinking that considers the effect of all consumer products on animals and the environment.

Candles are a lovely way to start considering this and many will be surprised at the range of scents and candle styles that are on offer within the vegan category.

Here at Newshome Candles, a Yorkshire based handmade provider of a vast range of vegan candles, we show you just how easy it is to incorporate veganism into your décor choices this Veganuary:

1. Lavender Candle

Welcome in the New Year – and Veganuary! – with this fresh, floral scent. Knowing that the pleasure you get from it is cruelty free!


2.Lemongrass Candle

Interestingly, this was one of our most popular scents in the run up to Christmas (!) so its traditional time of New Year – representing a fresh start – is an  ideal time to introduce yourself to this fragrance


3.Cinnamon and Orange Candle

While fresh start focused scents are key, January can still be a cold month, and the need to feel cosy remains – keep memories of Christmas with the cinnamon aspect of this candle while welcoming in the New Year with the zesty, citrus-based scent of orange…


This is only the first of a number of posts on Veganuary options so much more to come in terms of candle choices and lifestyle, helping you to plan ahead (despite all the Christmas craziness!) and really make the most of the month!!