Newshome Candles are pleased to be able to interview Nicola Sharp, a founder of new ecommerce platform, Sleep In Mind.

We’ll get right into the questions that were asked by the team at Newshome Candles:

What inspired you to set Sleep in Mind up?

We believe that sleep plays a huge role in terms of our mental and physical health and allowing people to unlock their full potential. We’re passionate about encouraging people to invest in their sleep and we created Sleep In Mind to enable people to find everything they need in one place.

What are the core values of the company?

We are striving to build a business with ethics at the centre. Every product we sell is cruelty-free and labelled according to six values to ensure the best possible shopping experience (vegan, natural, organic, plastic-free, recyclable, made in the UK).

Why are you so passionate about organic and plastic-free?

I think it is really important that we open up the discussion around all the other buzz-words that we use when talking about safe and sustainable shopping. We are lucky to have strong regulations surrounding ingredients used in products sold in the UK, however we chose to include natural and organic as two of our product values because we know how important it is for some people that the products they use contain nothing synthetic. As for plastic-free – I think everyone is striving to reduce, reuse, recycle as best they can and at Sleep In Mind we’re no different. At the moment, there aren’t always viable alternatives to plastic when it comes to packaging certain products like some we stock on Sleep In Mind, but our suppliers are constantly looking for ways to make this happen.

Are all of your products cruelty-free and vegan?

Being cruelty-free was a non-negotiable for us from day one – this means they have not been tested on animals. Most of our products are vegan, but some contain animal-derived ingredients (such as beeswax, for example).

What are your plans for the company?

We’re hoping to encourage people to prioritise their sleep. There’s been a huge wave of mindfulness and a focus on wellbeing in the past few years which is fantastic – and we’d like to nudge sleep to the forefront.

What other products do you plan to stock on Sleep in Mind alongside
Newshome Candles?

All products on Sleep In Mind have been chosen to work as part of an evening or morning routine. Alongside our home fragrance products (including your wonderful Lavender candles and lavender wax melts), you can find journals, herbal teas, bath and body products and accessories like our lavender herbal sachet. We’re working to bring edible treats, natural supplements and other accessories to Sleep In Mind – all new releases will first be announced in our monthly newsletter.

Why, in your opinion, is quality sleep so important?

This question is perfect because yes, it is about quality sleep – not just how much sleep you get. Poor quality sleep impacts us in so many ways: our physical health, our mental and emotional wellbeing, our relationships, how productive we can be at work and school – the list goes on. This is why we are so passionate about encouraging people to prioritise their sleep and find solutions that work for them.

Why do you think modern life often equals poor sleep?

I think we’d all agree that modern life is rather stressful! We live in a world of constant visual and audible noise, endless streams of information and never-ending ‘to do’ lists. So many of us struggle to switch off at night and relax our bodies and minds enough to get a quality night’s sleep. That’s why at Sleep In Mind we focus as much on the ritual attached to our products as the product itself. Newshome’s lavender candle, for example, emits such a relaxing fragrance. Pair that with the ritual of putting it on your bedside table, lighting the match, watching the gentle glow as you take some deep breaths… I’m feeling calmer already.

What tips do you have for any readers who may struggle with getting to
sleep or achieving quality sleep?

Firstly: there are charities and healthcare services available for anyone who needs professional advice or intervention – you can find links on our Resources page.

We all know the advice about not watching screens for an hour before we go to bed, or for counting sheep if you’re lying there awake! Alongside this, though, I’d really emphasise the importance of finding an evening routine that works well for you, as an individual. This will look different for everyone – let yourself be creative, try different things and see what works. Be pragmatic too: if you have young children your routine will look very different to someone with teenagers, if you live alone your routine will be different to someone with a dog that needs to be taken out last thing at night! Play around with scented candles, bath products, journaling, herbal tea – whatever works to help you create a distinction between feeling awake, alert and energised and being calm, relaxed and ready to sleep.