Newshome Candles provide a beautiful collection of wax melts that are available to purchase from £3 plus delivery costs, however we receive many messages trying to understand what wax melts are and how to use them.

So, we’ve put together this article to help you understand a little bit more about wax melts.

What Are Wax Melts

Wax Melts are typically smallish items of wax, that have been blended together using either fragrance or essential oils. The wax melts are placed in a wax burner or electric wax burner to provide a specific scent to your chosen room.

At Newshome Candles, our wax melts are all made using soy wax and pure essential oils meaning that they all the melts are natural and vegan friendly.

What Do You Burn Wax Melts In?

There are two types of ways you can burn wax melts. The first way is the more traditional method of burning a wax melt and that is using tea lights as the heat source and the tray above the tea lights is where the wax melts will provide the aroma.

Alternatively, you can use an electric wax burner, which if it is safe to do so, you plug into your socket and place the melt in the tray.

How Long Do Wax Melts Last For?

We are proud of each and every scented wax melt that we produce, the size and smell it produces.

Each wax melt that we carefully hand-pour has a burn time of approximately 72 hours.

Are Wax Melts Safe?

Quite simply – yes, wax melts are safe. However it is recommended that if you are using an electric wax burner that it is safe to use and it’s not near any water.

Or if you are using a standard wax burner with tea lights, that it is placed on a flat even surface and if you are to leave the room then it is recommended you blow the tealights out.

Don’t leave a wax burner on all night or unsupervised and keep them away from children at all times.

How Often Should I Change My Wax Melts?

This is entirely up to you, it could be down to seasonality, or perhaps the wax melt has finally used all it’s possible scent.

Here at Newshome Candles, our natural and vegan friendly wax melts has a burn time of approximately 72 hours – so you could have up to three full consecutive days of a specific scent.

How Do You Change Your Wax Melt?

To change your current wax melt to a new scent, it’s quite simple. Turn on your electric wax burner or light your wax burner (using tea lights) and let it start to turn into a liquid. Once the wax melt has started to change into a liquid, simply push the wax melts out of the burner and replace it with your new scent.

What are Your Most Popular Wax Melts?

Here at Newshome Candles, our five best selling wax melts are available to purchase as a gift pack or you can buy any of our wax melts individually. However, as quick bullet pointed list, here are our five most popular wax melts:

  1. Lavender Wax Melt
  2. Lemongrass Wax Melt
  3. Orange Wax Melt
  4. Rose Wax Melt
  5. Sandalwood Wax Melt