For those with fireplaces, this is a great focal point where Christmas decorations and festive ideas are concerned – for those that don’t, more posts are coming relating to injecting festive spirit into other areas of the home, so don’t worry!

Also, this piece might provide inspiration for decorating other areas too or perhaps inspiring you to look at our festive scented candles – so hopefully everyone’s a winner!

  1. Natural foliage is a great effect for any type of mantelpiece or display area – and natural scented candles are the ideal accompaniment to this, either reinforcing or diverting from the natural scent already provided by the foliage
  2. Candles are one of the simplest and most effective Christmas decorations. Mantelpieces are the perfect place for them as they won’t be knocked around as much as they would otherwise – a varied display with a variety of scents helps ensure they are as effective during the day as they do lit up at night
  3. Using candles to draw attention to any worded decoration or festive message is also a great idea and one that draws the eye – and the nose if scented candles are being used!
  4. Fill an empty fireplace Create a focal point by filling an empty hearth with a stack of packages in order to give the impression of gift-giving – mixing this with attractive and retro Christmas cards fastened onto ribbons, as well as a selection of candles can really help finish off the effect
  5. Provide the homemade touch – homemade decorations, mixed with a scattering of candles can really help show how much effort has been made – mix it up and have fun!!