In the latest film blockbuster, Chris Hemsworth starred in the film Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Luke Zocchi who is Chris Hemsworth personal trainer revealed that in the lead up and during the shooting of the film, he would be on a 95% vegan diet to bulk up.

Chris Hemsworth‘s trainer has revealed the actor was put on a ’95 percent vegan’ diet to bulk up for the Avenger films.

In the same interview, Luke stated that Chris would be allowed a small proportion of meat every three days in which he would get his protein from pea and soy burgers.

In total, Chris Hemsworth would eat in the region of 3,500 calories to bulk up for the superhero position he would act on. Luke said in the interiew:

‘We train depending once to twice a day, and then it is basically six meals a day just like clean protein and veg,’