It’s already the time of year when more and more invitations might be coming through the door, and for those hosting their own events, thoughts will be turning to how to stand out.

A warm and welcoming ambiance is just as important as the ‘wow’ factor, and the variety of scents offered by Winter candles provides the ideal solution. By finding simple but effective ways to incorporate them into the décor of a home is the answer where that ‘wow’ factor is concerned, and the warmth and ambiance they bring to any setting is a given. With the right eye for this, scented candles can become the, or one of the stars of the show where your events are concerned.

Mix up the floral touch

At this time of year, arranged centerepieces for mantelpieces are common – and very traditional. An eye catching way to mix this up is to change the usually higher proportion of flowers within this type of arrangement to include more candles, in line with the arch of the arrangement itself. This twist on a staple favourite can not only look great but be a bit of a talking point too, given the extra light using more candles creates…

Complementing food

It can be easy to overpower the scents and tastes of any meal or dishes on offer by using too many candles or selecting the wrong scent. Christmas is the ideal time at which to do this, as spice based candle scents such as cinnamon and nutmeg and truly compliment the food, as well as the season. Lighter citrus scents can fit well at this time of year too, depending on what is being served and the kind of atmosphere people want to help create. As a standard rule though, selecting candles with warm, earth, spicy, raw materials that people associate with Christmas – something that ties in with the theme.


Using candles as part of your general Christmas decorating is clearly popular, but it is vital that this is done with safety in mind, especially because of a general increase in flammable materials.

Given that scented candles are key when creating a typical Christmas ambience, again selecting warmer spiced based scents such as nutmeg and cinnamon is the best route to take.  

We’ve put together a list of Christmas scented candles that would male the ideal centrepiece for your lounge:

  1. Blood Orange
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Cinnamon and Nutmeg
  4. Cinnamon and Orange
  5. Frankincense
  6. Frankincense and Myrrh
  7. Ginger
  8. Orange
  9. Peppermint

A great centrepiece

While using real candles as part of Christmas tree decorations is not advisable from a safety point of view, a dining table is a much more appropriate option, with the risk of fire here significantly reduced. Finding imaginative ways to present candles – such as in jam jars or unique holders – can really help your table decorations stand out and stick in the memory of guests.

While the safety message is an important one, it is a good time to remember that there are multiple ways to incorporate real, vegan candles and vegan wax melts into the home – helping to reinforce that all-important festive feeling!