The colder months are upon us in earnest – and while the biting, hand numbing weather is yet to hit us, thoughts will naturally be turning to feeling cosy.

Autumn is, however, many people’s favourite time of year, as it strikes the perfect balance between being too hot and too cold – plus there is the visual feast of the leaves turning to accompany this and add to that cosy, warm ambience that people seek to achieve indoors at this time of year.

Add to that the upcoming celebration period, with Halloween and Bonfire night starting this off, and suddenly the need to make your home feel cosy and warm – whether this is simply for yourself or for a celebratory vent, has started in earnest – and amongst other things, Autumn candles come into their own at this time of year, in terms of helping to achieve this.

Just their presence is enough to bring a level of warmth into the home. However, the choice of scents on offer that tie into this colder season can evoke that all-important cosiness even more.

Best Autumn Candles

This is the most traditional way to welcome in the colder months, as evoke the all-important Christmas period – which isn’t that far away (!) – and bring in the annual celebration period seamlessly. They are also evocative of food and drink, and while the full festive season is not quite upon us, they can help provide inspiration for cooking certain dishes, especially helpful if holding a party or event at this time of year.

Finally, these kind of scents can be highly connected to childhood or nostalgic memories that might not be recalled otherwise – allowing people to take a trip down memory lane as they relax.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite Autumn Candles that would be perfect in the coming colder months.

  1. Cinnamon and Orange Candle
  2. Blood Orange Candle
  3. Cinnamon Candle
  4. Ginger Candle
  5. Cinnamon and Nutmeg Candle
  6. Frankincense Candle
  7. Peppermint Candle
  8. Frankincense and Myrrh Candle
  9. Cedarwood Candle
  10. Eucalyptus Candle
  11. Orange Candle
  12. Patchouli Candle
  13. Rosewood Candle
  14. Sandalwood Candle
  15. Ylang Ylang Candle

Candle Safety Tips For Autumn

Of course, amongst all the excitement, it is vital not to forget the importance of using candles safely. With 350 casualties occurring annually as a result of fires caused by candles, the need to adhere to avoiding this cannot be understated. Here are some useful tips to help keep safety front of mind where safety is concerned:

  • Ensure candles are not left burning alone and are completely extinguished before retiring for the night or leaving a property unmanned.
  • Ensure candles are left on stable services and kept out of reach of pets and children
  • Keep candles away from flammable objects such as furniture and bedding
  • Do not burn candles close together as this can cause their flames to flare and create greater risk

As the weather worsens, keeping warm is a priority for all! However, this warmth can be significantly enhanced through utilising a range of approaches – with candle usage being a key one of these. Add to this the dramatic and mood-driven benefits that candles can bring any events that are being held – especially as we move into the ‘spooky’ season at the end of the month, and the need is a no brainer – enjoy and stay warm!