Here at Serenis, our favourite scented candles are amongst the citrus scented collection. Spring time, is probably the best month to re-introduce the collection of citrus scents.

In our opinion, citrus scents bring a real positive and uplifting scent to the atmosphere. Our most popular citrus candle is the Lemongrass candle, in which was one of four candles featured on TV.

With this in mind, we’ve taken our citrus scented candles and created this inspiration post looking at 10 of the best citrus candles.

If you have previously purchased one of our citrus scented candles, you will know how much they will freshen up your room and bring joy to you.

Each of these candles bring a different health benefit to you, but if you are looking for a collection that will help you also relax during the current pandemic, then the following list will also help you.