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Would you like to become a Newshome candle representative?

Newshome Candles proudly stock eco friendly, vegan and natural candles and wax melts – we are always on the lookout for candle representatives /  wax melt representatives to take on spreading the Newshome word and being one of our proud ambassadors. 

Becoming a candle rep and wax melt rep with Newshome Candles could not be any easier.

We are an honest and flexible company that offers a beautiful product for either yourself or your business needs. We also don’t have a minimum quantity order either.

So you could order say 5 candles to 10,000 candles. Currently Newshome Candles only deliver the candle and wax melt collection to UK individuals / businesses, however if you are based internationally drop an email in the contact form below.

How to become a candle representative?

It’s really easy to become a Newshome candle / wax melt ambassador, simply subscribe to our membership below in which in the starter pack worth £167, but priced at £90 you will receive:

  1. Four candles
  2. 29 wax melts (our entire collection).
  3. Welcome Brochure & Starter Pack
  4. Order Forms
  5. Introductory video meeting with founder, Chris Taylor

Step 1

Order your ambassador starter pack – priced at £90 below. In which you’ll receive 4 candles, 29 wax melts, order forms and a brochure

Step 2

You’ll receive the Newshome Candle ambassador starter pack.

Step 3

We will provide 24 / 7 support on our range of products to help you start building your clients.

Step 4

Start sharing our brand story with your family and friends.

£90 Starter Fee (Worth £167)
4 Candles
29 Wax Melts
Order Forms
Starter Pack & Brochure
Access To Trade Prices
£0 Starter Fee
Sell Our Collection In Your Premises
Access To Trade Prices
PDF Trade Brochure
Candles & Wax Melts Available

Meet One Of Our Ambassadors

I can not wait to start burning it around my home 😍 I cannot recommend this brand enough for vegan friendly, eco friendly and amazing smelling candles that will burn for 45 hours!

Lucia Farranace

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