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Our candles are loved throughout the United Kingdom, so much so they ahve been featured in the major media outlets aswell as featured on TV. 

It is simple to become a Newshome Candle ambassador, simply follow the page on below and the team will be in touch to discuss the start pack that you will receive.

As a reminder our selection of candles are produced using soy wax and are blended with pure essential oils – meaning that our entire collection are natural, eco friendly and also vegan friendly too.

Overall, each candle has a burn time of approximately 45 hours. Any questions, send a message via the chat system below or call 07940578005 and a member of team will assist.

Why Be A Candle Ambassador?

We offer a range of candles and wax melts – that melt the heart of the customers

Our products are highly thought of in the community

We are already trusted by some of the most influential individuals online

Meet One Of Our Ambassadors

Ambassadors 1

I can not wait to start burning it around my home 😍 I cannot recommend this brand enough for vegan friendly, eco friendly and amazing smelling candles that will burn for 45 hours!

Lucia Farranace

Step 1

Get in touch via and we’ll send our ambassador pack so you can understand our brand and story.

Step 2

You’ll receive the Newshome Candle starter kit which includes both a candle and wax melt of your choice.

Step 3

We will provide 24 / 7 support on our range of products to help you start building your clients. 

Step 4

Start sharing our brand story with your family and friends.

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