About Newshome Candles

Who we are

Newshome Candles was established in 2019 by founder Chris Taylor, with the first line of the company address used as part of the company name. The candles that we initially produced, were manufactured using soy wax and pure essential oils – a method we will always use.

After 10 months of product sourcing and testing, Newshome Candles officially launched the first eCommerce store on 26 Janaury 2019. The long term strategy of the business is to grow the online presence and product range, whilst also attending vegan, wedding and craft fairs, festivals throughout the United Kingdom.

If you wish to get in touch with the founder and ask to hear more about the story, drop a message via the contact form.

In June 2019, Newshome Candles extended the product range from just vegan and natural candles, to also include vegan and natural wax melts.

Our Story

On a cold Winters day, Newshome Candles was formed after buying soy wax, wicks, and using glass jars from previously used food, in an attempt to keep home cosey and warm.

Initially, using the vanilla essential oil, our range of vegan candles grew to the collection that it is today. The full candle collection of what we have made is now available on the website. We are continuously experimenting with different fragrances for our own benefit, before bringing it to you. This also includes trying out a different range of products, such as the vegan and organic wax melts.

Why Vegan Candles and Vegan Wax Melts

The reason Newshome Candles used soy wax is that when the candles burn, there are no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies. In addition to this, soy wax lasts for around 30% > 50% longer than the traditional paraffin candle. Newshome Candles are proud of the length of time each candle lasts for, and we regularly test our candles and wax melts, in which you can see the full list of fragrance burn times.

What Next?

Our aim at Newshome Candles is to provide the best range of products that our customers are always pleased when it’s been used.

We’ve started with our range of vegan candles and vegan wax melts, but are always diving into our research labs to try all different types if fragrances and also products.

2020 we will be looking to launch our range of vegan bath bombs and possibly soaps. So stay tuned.